Assisted Living That’s Supportive & Empowering

101 E Scripps Rd
Orion Charter Township, MI 48360
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Pomeroy Living believes in giving residents the opportunity to live in comfort and be engaged in their daily activities, secure in the knowledge that our staff is there to support and care for them. Our Assisted Living program is designed to encourage our residents to enjoy life, without having to worry about burdensome chores. This allows them to remain happy, healthy, and independent for as long as possible. Each of our residents enjoys personalized care services that provide the assistance they need, while preserving the independence that they want.

Guided by our Beacon of Light program, Assisted Living residents benefit from a variety of classes, activities, parties, events, and outings that suit their individual interests, goals and desires. These activities give our residents the opportunity to master new skills, enjoy old hobbies, form new friendships, and continue to live a full and rich life.


Our Assisted Living Residents enjoy the following services & amenities:

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