Personalized care utilizing the latest in therapies and technology

Pomeroy Living is dedicated to providing the best in care and treatment available as new science is discovered and technologies created.

The science of senior care and the aging process is a rapidly developing field that requires a dedication to improvement and a willingness to ask oneself “how can we be better?” Pomeroy Living prides itself on its commitment to keeping abreast of the latest developments in senior care therapies, theories on aging management, technological innovation, and training its staff to bring the benefits of these discoveries to our residents.


In partnership with leading area physicians, Pomeroy Living is bringing the benefits of the latest research and evidence-based treatment to our residents

Research on the aging process and dementias is producing exciting breakthroughs and treatment methods. We are bringing those breakthroughs to our communities, from nutrition to music and aroma therapies, physical therapy techniques, and medicinal interventions. Pomeroy Living residents receive the most advanced, leading edge care and treatment available that help them to enjoy the highest quality of life and function at their very best, all in an intimate, home-like environment.


Innovations in technology are constantly redefining what is possible in senior care. Pomeroy Living brings the latest and greatest home to our residents.

Pomeroy Living utilizes the most current technology to improve the quality of life for our residents and provide a safe, secure, and comfortable home. Following are some of technologies that benefit our residents:

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