Our History

Pomeroy Living was born from the genuine premise and firm belief that aging with dignity should be the norm. Founded in 1980, Pomeroy Living fulfills the vision of Keith Pomeroy, who has been an innovative leader in both the healthcare and hospitality industries for nearly four decades. The vision is simple: Combine the best in quality care and hospitality across the full spectrum of senior housing needs within a community setting. Collectively over the past three decades, Pomeroy Living has continued to elevate the standard for senior living through innovation, dedication and a commitment to bringing the best professionals together to serve a common cause. Today, Pomeroy Living offers a range of specialized care and service in world-class communities and campuses that are characterized by modern design, exemplary service, and knowledgeable clinical teams.

A culture of service

Dedicated hospitality team. State-of-the-art facilities & personalized care.

Combining the experience and knowledge gained over the past thirty years, with a passion to change the way people think of the elderly and their care, is a powerful formula. At Pomeroy Living we place a large emphasis on the community feel, human interaction and overall quality of life for our residents. Our Communities are designed to be accessible and intimate, yet encompass all of the amenities of a luxurious lifestyle. Because we recognize the uniqueness of each individual, all our services and environments are customized to suit each individual’s needs. To create that “at home” feel, we maximize our use of technology and design, which is enhanced by the personalized service and care carried out by our hospitality and medical staff.

At Pomeroy Living, we personalize the care for each resident, concentrating on the whole person, and treating everyone with respect and compassion.


The difference people make

The Pomeroy team is comprised of highly skilled professionals. We stay ahead of the curve, continually updating our service offerings, care programs, and curriculum to reflect the latest best practices in senior care, along with specialized training in the aging process.

We don’t stop there. Pomeroy Living makes sure that everyone we hire has a high level of interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity to add value to the team.  They must demonstrate not only exceptional ability and skills, but an attitude that reflects the Pomeroy way of caring. That means a keen desire to get to know the whole person and to provide for them the level of care and services that stimulate their senses and keep their atmosphere alive and vibrant.


The difference environment makes

The Pomeroy difference can be felt the moment our clients and their families walk through the door. The layout and configuration of each of our communities is modeled upon the services provided at each of them, not the other way around. We believe that an open, flexible layout will contribute to a more spontaneous living experience, bringing out the best in our clients and the people who work with them.

Our senior living communities are tightly integrated within the greater community. Pomeroy Living regularly hosts lecture series, seminars, cooking classes and other community-sponsored events that bring a breath of fresh air into our living spaces and encourage interaction between our residents and those outside our four walls. This interaction helps seniors remain connected to the ebb and flow of life around them.

The Pomeroy Living difference can be found in its people and environment, which collectively work together to ensure that seniors are always regarded as the unique people they are and treated with respect and compassion throughout their entire living experience with us.

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